Indigoblue is a real life graphic designer and has been in the industry for over 25 years. She discovered Second Life by chance, and quickly realised how much more interesting it was than real life. Since Second Life has become her primary raison d'être, she has since shunned all petty real life distractions...

Indigoblue is now an obsessive...she's only happy when she's sitting in her dark (slightly damp) basement, knee deep in photoshop, or trying to locate her elusive yet terse, only slightly younger sister and SL business partner inworld. She has developed a few side effects of working in Second Life, but apart from the squint, the claw and the hunchback, seems otherwise unaffected.

Indigoblue Dagostino
Singsong Writer has been designing and creating jewellery and accessories inworld for around a thousand years.  Her designs are original and exquisite and sometimes very rare as she finds her Real Life can sometimes take her away from this glorious place for long stretches of time, sometimes for even a week or two!.  

Singsong loves nothing more than spending time with her inspiring and slightly irritating much-older sister, Indigoblue Dagostino, and adores the guilt and stress that Indi lathers on her immensely.  

Singsong is looking forward to releasing new and exciting pieces for the re-branding launch and secretly prays that her Real Life will stop being so much fun so she can spend more time sitting alone, getting sore eyes and cramp in her fingers gazing at a cold, hard computer screen.
Singsong Writer
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