Updated Rosa Lingerie Sets in Black

Hello lovely ladies!

After several requests we are finally updating our beautiful Rosa Lingerie Sets.

1. Each lingerie set is now packaged up as separates so you have more control over what items you buy.
2. Textures have been tweaked, updated and refined.
3. Each lingerie set now has tattoo layers included.
4. We've taken the cost of these sets right down because we know that you like to mix and match colours to create your own combinations.
5. Because everything takes so long we are releasing each colour as and when we finish it, so black is the first on the shelves.

These sets also include: TATTOO LAYERS & OMEGA APPLIERS

Omega appliers work for the following mesh!
WomMeh • Belleza • Brazilia • Maitreya • Perfect Body • Slink • Lena • Xplosion • Banned • Eve • Lola • Cherry Bomb • Tonic and many many more!


rosa_v2_black_full_bra_lingerie.jpg rosa_v2_black_strapless_bra_lingerie.jpg
TIPS: Mix & match these gorgeous colours to make your own colour sets.


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Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!

IndigoBlue Dagostino
Seldom Blue


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