Hello gorgeous people,


We are excited to announce that we are releasing our very successful Luxury Latex outfits as FULL PERMISSION RESELL KITS, for those of you who are running your own business!

You can buy these TEXTURE ONLY kits and make your own custom Latex system clothing items, your own appliers and your own mesh clothing, even mixing and matching up colours! Once you've done that, then take your own vendor shots and then sell them yourself, and make your own money! How cool is that?

We'll be bringing these kits out one at a time because we are just ridiculously slow at all this, and for that we can only apologize.

So to start with we are selling our Latex Lucy Opaque shorts and our new product shots are as follows:

And just to entice you over we have out these sets on special offer!

PLEASE NOTE: This range does not contain system clothing, mesh clothing or appliers, it contains textures ONLY for personal use and business building.

We will be bringing out LOADS of other options for you including the following:
See through shorts • Opaque thongs • See through thongs • trousers • Opaque basques • See through basques • bras
so watch out for more releases coming in the next few days!


If you buy these items you are bound by the T&C's supplied in each kit.
If you are not sure about any of the restrictions please IM Indigoblue Dagostino directly. If you get no response please email her on:


We only have a small selection in our store inworld, we have much more on the marketplace, search for SELDOM BLUE and make sure that you are logged into your account, as most of our items are classified as adult and won't show up if you are not logged in.

Our existence inworld depends on your visits to Seldom Blue more than you know, so please do share this notecard where you can. xx

IndigoBlue Dagostino

Seldom Blue

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