New Full Perms Lingerie Kits for your own business!

Hello gorgeous girlies!
So it seems that our reworking of Seldom Blue products seems to be working for you, and we are so pleased.

We have started to repackage our products into smaller, much cheaper sets, whilst at the same time upgrading certain textures when necessary. You like that!
We have also now started to offer more FULL PERMS TEXTURE SETS for you to sell within your OWN business so you can make your own money selling our items. Turns out you like that too!

Ok onto this months release.

We have new FULL PERMS TEXTURE KITS instore, the LEANNA FULL BRA SETS, so if you ever wanted to sell these lingerie sets under your own name, you now can! Please note that these are texture and prim kits ONLY, no system clothing are in these so ONLY purchase these if you want to make up your own sets to sell yourself.

(If you buy these items you are bound by the T&C's supplied in each kit. If you are not sure about any of the restrictions please IM Indigoblue Dagostino directly).
TIPS: Mix & match these gorgeous colours to make your own colour sets.
More sets to follow.

Our existence inworld really depends on your visits to Seldom Blue more than you know, so please do share this post where you can! xx
Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!

IndigoBlue Dagostino
Seldom Blue

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