Or even a Second Life One?

Have you ever wanted your own professional logo or website in order to support and advertise your real life business? (or your Second Life One)

For a trial period, At SELDOM BLUE we are offering our professional GRAPHIC DESIGN and WEBSITE design service for your personal and/or professional business.

I am a real life graphic designer and I have been in the industry for over 15 years. As much as I adore designing in Second Life, my other passion is Graphic and Web Design. This is my career.

It recently occurred to me that I could actually combine both of my passions, Second Life AND graphic design, by offering my real life professional design services for my Second Life customers.
Having spent many years in Second Life I am in a unique position to offer designs based around the SL experience and the particular requirements of my customers, and I also have a grounding in clear and attractive products that work in the real world too. I would be delighted if you would consider using my UK based Design and Print services for your next website or branding project, and I look forward to hearing from you ;-)
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Synergy brochure design
Logo/Corporate identity design
Holiday brochure design
Product/packaging Design
Monthy Estate Agents Magazines
Winery Brochures
Nursery wall illustration
Holiday brochure design
Dental leaflets
Fine Dining brochure
Estate Agents Monthly Magazines
Corporate Advertising Design
Dentist Leaflet design
Product Design
Headwear leaflets
Fine Art
The image your company conveys is all important.
It can stop a potential customer breezing past you to another company that catches their eye. We're told that the average human being has an attention span of approximately 8 seconds before moving on...unless they like what they see!
Our punchy, innovative designs will give you the impact you need to grow your business and increase your sales. We can create a unique image for you that hits the spot and gets you a higher ranking on search engines.
Graphically, there are many ways to grab your clients' interest.
For example, did you know you can increase your incoming calls from your promotional printing or website hits by up to 50% just by positioning the telephone number in the right place?
Products and Services
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Our printed products include:
brochures, leaflets and flyers, branding, logos and new corporate identity, magazine design, catalogues, general advertising, business cards, plastic cards, folders, labels and stickers, newsletters, letterheads, magazine ads, invoices, various other stationery items, boards, banners and signs, exhibition stands, booklets, post cards, Packaging, writing pads, tabbed dividers etc.

Our knowledge and experience of print covers all aspects of litho and digital, offering you everything on card, paper and plastic.
Our web products include:
Website design & build • SEO (search engine optimisation) • Hosting •

Building your website •
It's easy as one two three...

1. Give us an indication of what you do and the amount of information you want to use.
2. Supply the wording you wish to show along with any digital photos, logos or illustrations (we can help you source anything that's missing).
3. Tell us how many pages you need.

Representing engaging content and making a great first impression, is crucial for any online presence. Good web design isn't just about visual stimulation, it must be user-friendly and present the information that users want quickly, whilst also being search engine optimised.

Our knowledge and experience, plus the key combination of technology, design and multimedia, enables us to help our clients take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital media and the web.
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Important Information
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PLEASE NOTE: Our costs are based on real life currency and not Second Life Lindens.

Logo rebranding: £125 (203$)
These can be used not only in the game, but for litho printing too.

A blog is not the same as a website.
We specialise in website design and not blog management.
(We can however link your blog page within your new website back to your Wordpress account.)

Flat website with links:
1 page site: £145 (235$)
Domain name @ £20 (33$) per name per annum.
Hosting @ £85 (138$) per annum if needed.

4 page site: £465 (755$)
(not including hosting and domain charges as standard)
Domain name @ £20 (33$) per name per annum.
Hosting @ £85 (138$) per annum if needed.

These prices are for NON CMS content sites as a rule.
(We may be able to create small amounts of CMS areas for you to manage yourself, but only on a case by case basis).
We can do minor amends for you free of charge once the site is live, (ie changing text and images). However any major structural changes will be chargeable (ie new pages).

If you would like us to price up a fully CMS managed site that you will be able to fully update yourself, please email

Your new website will come with a professional domain name email for you to use (ie

For your website design, we will supply you with jpgs at the design stage and then build once the basic design is finalised. You can have as many photographs (that you provide) and as many links on the site as you like.
If you want us to source any high resolution professional photography the cost will be £18 (29$) per photo.
We create your site so that it is PC and Mac computer compliant, on most browsers.

As company policy we invoice 50% of the total cost once the design and layout have been produced, and the rest once the site is live.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking to have a website that needs updating VERY regularly (ie with new products) outside of your blog page, then you'd be better off using an alternative service (ie to design your own site that you can manage yourself, as a comprehensive CMS built site will cost prohibitively more.